Brandon Kristensen Is a Certified Master Inspector and former Construction Safety Manager who helps provide confidence to potential home buyers by providing industry-leading inspections services.

“I believe that each home inspection should be conducted with the same dedication, attention to detail, and consideration. It should not matter who my client is or who referred them. I feel as responsible for each client as I would my own family. “ 

Brandon has a passion for safety that has been with him his whole life. After first pursuing policing and corrections and transitioning into the construction safety industry, Brandon honed his skills in observation and hazard detection. After several years in the construction safety industry, Brandon experienced a home inspection when he bought his first home in Moncton and found the experience dynamic, exciting, and engaging although ultimately disappointing as key items were missed, and poor information provided.  With some research, Brandon learned a significant number of inspectors in Canada had little to no training and transitioned into home inspections with no testing or proven knowledge. With no provincial regulations, it was a Wild West of outdated inspectors, outdated training, and outdated knowledge. Identifying Pillar to Post home inspectors as the industry trailblazers across North America with the best training and systems, Brandon saw an opportunity to bring North America’s #1 rated inspection company to Moncton and help future clients ensure confident homeownership. 


Specializing in your safety, Brandon has been recognized as an industry leader since launching this Pillar to Post location.  Accreditation and recognition from the Better Business Bureau,, and Moncton Readers' choice have cemented Brandon as a “pillar” in Moncton’s inspection community.


Nikki Kristensen is a Certified Home Inspector and former Analytical Chemist. She believes that home buyers deserve to make a truly informed decision and a detailed home inspection is a crucial element of that.

Identifying a gap in the current inspection methods and ideology, in a traditionally male-dominated industry where inspectors tend to focus too much on physical damage only, Nikki hopes to evolve home inspections in our area and apply her passion and experience in the sciences to your home inspection by specializing in aspects that constitute a " healthy home ".

With a young family of her own, she understands the importance of being conscious of your environmental surroundings and she does that with your family in mind.

" My main aim is to ensure that my clients know with confidence that I have taken into account every aspect and system of their home with the same level of detail and critical thinking as I would for my own family"

With Nikki's scientific background she brings a totally unique perspective and exciting direction to home inspections. The emerging field of Building Sciences is bringing into focus the complex and dynamic aspects of a healthy home. Understanding and applying this knowledge is the future of Home Inspection and there is no one better suited to do so.

Peter O’Toole

Peter O’Toole is a bilingual Certified Professional Inspector and former renovations contractor who brings his years of renovation experience to real world knowledge to ensure your inspection is beyond your expectations. 

“No home is perfect, but with knowledge and action you can ensure your families safety, and protect your investment, and that’s where I come in!” 
Pete has been a local contractor most his life and born and raised in Riverview NB. Pete has seen it all and has a keen understanding of the neighbourhoods he is inspection and has seen first hand the changes in construction practices over the years.  Pete’s keen eye and easy going demeanour and personal touch has earned him the nickname “Hawkeye” . If you are a first time
buyer, or experienced home buying veteran, Pete will leave you feeling like a trusted uncle has looked over the home themselves.


Professional Training: Every Pillar To Post home inspector is trained in the classroom and in the field. You can have confidence in the fact that all Pillar To Post inspectors are required to continually upgrade their skills and to keep current with new technologies and professional standards.